Winter 2018 Collection

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Nikki Duerden

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Empowered Women

Posted on June 19, 2017 by Nikki Duerden

Women doing it for themselves I'm in Bali at the moment working on our Summer 17/18 collection. This is in preparation for showing at the Gift Fair in Melbourne in August...we are so excited about that, more on that later. Checking into my AirBnB villa in Seminyak, our gorgeous driver Susy, was helping me get my things from her car while my host, Kadek, greeted me warmly with her welcoming smile. After Susy left, Kadek commented that it is really unusual to see a female in the role of a driver in Bali. This is a really male dominated space (even for taxi's, I don't think I've ever had a female taxi driver here). I hadn't thought about it before but it's true, Susy is the first female driver we've ever had here. Susy was recommended by one of Rich's associates, and she is a gem. This is my 3rd visit with her as my driver, photographer, interpreter, tour guide and great company for our frequent and lengthy drives together. Susy is a single mum who owns her vehicle and drives to support her small family. She is a strong woman with a great work ethic and a fabulous role model for her 10 year old son. Pure Folly is about ensuring that we are living our best lives, earning a living in a way that fulfils and rewards us. Sometimes that means challenging stereotypes and there are oodles of different pathways to choose from. My sister Simone, who along with my husband Rich makes up the Pure Folly team, is currently working her craft as a Magician on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. We all earn our living differently and I'm feeling so fortunate to be in a space that allows us the freedom to choose what we do and who we do it with.

Discovery - Who knew?

Posted on April 05, 2017 by Nikki Duerden

In readiness for our trip to Bali to meet with our manufacturers Yuni & Nurmadi in March, we had done extensive planning on our bag designs.

I’d had some samples made when Rich and I were in Bali in October last year, and that was the start of this adventure. What they came back with was so amazing that we just had to pursue this further.

These guys have been making clothes for me since my first visit to Bali in 2003 (thank you for the introduction Lisa Conway) and they have done incredible work……I’d just never thought to extend their leather crafting beyond the occasional jacket.

Welcome Min

Posted on March 31, 2017 by Nikki Duerden

My sister Simone (or Min as she is affectionately known) has recently joined Pure Folly as a Director and we are thrilled to welcome her (both back home to Australia, as she has lived in Europe as an expat for 26 years) to the Pure Folly team. As a trio, we are sharing tasks, co-creating and collaborating in general.

Min and I headed to Bali in March 2017’ to co-create our Winter range with Yuni & Nurmadi, developing the range you can now see @ (the only place you’ll find the entire collection).

Min has taken our Winter 2017 Collection out and about to selected retailers in regional, coastal and metropolitan Victoria. Having introduced the range and our ethos to potential stockists, we are presently working with them to refine their individual range selections in readiness for launching for Mother’s Day. Selecting the right retail partners is very important to the Pure Folly brand and ethos.

The 2017 Winter Collection

Posted on March 30, 2017 by Nikki Duerden

The 2017 Winter Collection…

Having spent many, many hours developing the new 2017’ range, we’ve become incredibly close to it. Like your children though, you can’t have a favourite.

Each item in the range has its own very special place in my day and this personal ‘road-testing’ has been part of the pre-release rigour. I use my pouch (my preference is the Grey Leather + Silver Zip) all the time, it’s perfect to grab and take anywhere and ensures I have all of my essentials in one spot (money, cards, phone, keys, lippy).

I put my pouch into my Casual Sling which I adore. This beauty leaves my hands free as I wear it cross body. It can also easily accommodate my sunglasses case, a bottle of water and whatever else I need for the adventure at hand. I’m torn in my colour choice but have to say the Grey Leather is my fave (perhaps my hair colour is having a broader influence on my choices?).

The Petite Shopper has become an essential of my work day. I put my pouch, work pass, laptop/tablet and some work files into it and carry it to meetings, events and for running errands. It’s perfect and my preference here is the Dark Grey Felt + Black Leather, it’s just beautiful to use and so beautifully made.

I also use the Tote, as this workhorse carries all of my work files, my lunch, laptop when it’s not in the Petite Shopper, another pouch that has all of my cables, charges etc in, and my water bottle. The Tote is really versatile, very very strong (mine is often way too heavy….or too full if I’m candid). Think unisex with this one - Rich is also loving his black canvas tote.

We are yet to cover the Classic Baguette and the Sleek Shopper. These are both beautiful and will make wonderful additions to your wardrobe. The Classic Baguette is the perfect partner to take you from day right through to the evening. It feels wonderful and is as strong as it is practical. It can be worn over the shoulder or cross body and is really lovely in all three colours.

The Sleek Shopper is stylish and perfect for use every day use whether for work or running errands, I love this bag and feel great when we are out and about together. Again, all three colours work really well and your choice will depend on your winter wardrobe.

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