Winter 2018 Collection

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Nikki Duerden

It’s a strange thing planning for cold weather accessories when you are wearing summer gear and in a very warm climate.  That’s not a complaint by the way, we are very grateful to be back in Bali and working with our partners on our Winter 2018 range.

We have some beautiful materials to work with, specifically Cow Hides from Argentina, that Min and I brought with us from Australia.  We came across these beauties at the trade fair in August and were truly inspired by them.  We have been plotting and planning how to bring them to life and come up with a cunning plan.

We spent 3 ½ hours with Yuni and Nurmadi yesterday, getting our designs down so the team can make up the first round of samples.  Ably assisted by our friend and driver Susy, who assists with translation when things get technical (she does a great job of translating for both sides….love her help).

Min and I will visit one of our manufacturing sites on Thursday and we are really excited about that.  We really enjoy this part of the process, it’s wonderful to see an idea come to life, to touch, feel and imagine one our Pure Folly friends having adventures with them.

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