Breathing life back into our dream

Posted on March 27, 2017 by Nikki Duerden

When we put Pure Folly to sleep in early 2013, we knew in our hearts that it wasn’t the end. That’s why we decided on labelling it as a ‘sleep’ rather than a shut down.

In the meantime we have continued the pursuit of our day jobs, enjoyed precious time with our family and friendship group, cared for sick parents, watched our kids grow (& learn to drive), travelled overseas as a family for 6 weeks (awesome adventure & enriching experiences), farewelled Rich’s parents (they passed away 8 days apart in June 2016, it’s still raw), and along the way, we’ve been inspired to refresh Pure Folly and come back to you on a fresh adventure. We are soooo thrilled to be back.

We are facing the market differently this time, both range wise and visibility wise. You can now purchase Pure Folly products directly from our website (for national delivery) and from one of our lovely stockists, who we are currently on-boarding in Victoria presently, with a national footprint to follow.

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